BF3 – Recessed T&G Cassette Fixing System

BF3 is a simple cassette form of rainscreen application. This system has a discreet mechanical fixing application through the horizontal top panel/panel joint recess only. BF3 is mainly used for Landscape style layouts and requires less Support grid behind due to the strength of panel extrusions fitted. This makes this system one of the more aesthetically pleasing and economical systems available.

Isometric View

1. BF Facing board material.
2. BFH Intelligent Support System (see detail below)
3. Insulation (see note below)
4. Substructure (see options below)

Horizontal and Vertical Details

1. BF3 Panel
2. BFX Aluminium Cleat Fix
3. 5.5mm Stainless Steel Fixing Screw
4. BF Omega Vertical top Hat
5. BFH-MFT/MFI Bracket With lso Pad
6. 4.8mm Stainless Steel Fixing Screw
7. Insulation – Thickness & type to suit specification
8. Hilti fire Barrier – Location shown indicative
9. Inverted Channel Fixing Rail (Optional)
10. Breather Membrane
11. Cementituos Board – Thickness to suit specification
12. Steel framing
13. Insulation – Thickness & type to suit specification
14. V.C.L. Tbc
15. Internal finish – Tbc
16. Anti Rattle Clip/Seal



Download System Details



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