Fibre Cement Flat Boards (Material Characteristics)

  • Finishes – Available in 26Nr standard solid colours from NCS colour chart and with smooth or textured finishes.
  • Thin and Lightweight – in relation to weight the boards are extremely resilience to external conditions.
  • Non Combustible and Fireproof – classified in accordance with EN13501-1
  • Impact and Stain Resistant
  • Weather Resistant – resistant to sub-zero temperatures and humidity
  • Biological Resistance – Boards have a high PH value which makes the boards resistant to Algae, Bacteria, Moss and Fungi etc.
  • Impervious to water – Boards can absorb and release moisture for unlimited cycles without affecting durability and life expectancy.

Colour Codes

a) Cover (C) – Water based acrylic paint facing
b) Solid (S) – Core and surface being the  same colour
c) Patina (P) – Textured finish

0 – Greys
1 – Blacks
2 – Whites
3 – Reds
4 – Yellows
5 – Greens
6 – Blues

Note: Digital print can also be applied to the surface

Certifications: BBA Agreement

EN15804 Environmental


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